Vidarbha Youth Welfare Society, Amravati's

Mahila Arts and Commerce College, Chandur Railway

Beside Shahid Hutatma Smarak. Main Road,Chandur Railway Amravati (M.S.) 444904

07222 2254183

Core Values

  1. To Support the vision and mission of the College.

  2. To focus on student and stakeholder requirements.

  3. To continuously improve systems

  4. To be familiar with and support stakeholders contributions.

  5. To endorse continuous enhancement.

  6. To accomplish the need and take action consequently.

  7. To support creativity, novelty of stakeholders.

  8. To make known monetary and social responsibility.

  9. To provide quality in employment, facilities and services.

  10. To take responsibility for individual and professional improvement and growth of stakeholders.

  11. To sensitize the student towards the social issues of surrounding communities.